Thermal Power Frequency Control And Unit Synchronization Tester PFPT-203 Model

Product Introduction:
Powertime FM and unit synchronization tester is a kind of comprehensive test platform developed for characteristics detection for thermal power plant electric control system and automatic quasi-synchronization system. The instrument can complete test projects for DEH static characteristics, speed dead zone measurement, load response test and synchronization test etc, automatically generating various test reports. PFPT-203 can also be used as an general oscillograph and a frequency generator, And the system sampling frequency can reach 4KHZ, which greatly expanded the instrument application scope to increase the flexibility of the instrument.

Technical parameters:
PFPT-203 has a strong software system. It ensures that the instrument can conveniently complete all kinds of tests, at the same time greatly improve the flexibility and versatility of the instrument. The main features of the software system can be summarized as follows: 
1. Instrument can automatically generate Word test report and Excel test report.
2. Test report can automatically identify curve to make test report making fully automatic.
3. All sampling channel name and unit can be redefined
4. Test environment settings for various tests and instrument settings can be automatically saved.
5. Automatic calculation of various test parameters. 
6. Simple and convenient channel filter set method.
7. Conveniently export test data with storage devices such as U disk, mobile hard disk etc. 
8.Real-time draw test curve, and provide a variety of curve analysis tools, allowing users’ arbitrary curve locating and scaling operation
9. Windows XPE operating system to realize self protection and recovery of the software system to prevent virus attack.
10. Anti-shake treatment is adopted to avoid user’s faulty operation.
11. Feal-time monitor  the input signal, automatic resection input signal in time which over the range , protection signal acquisition channel and instruments

PFPT-203 hardware system features and technical parameters are as follows:
1. 8-way low voltage/current analog acquisition. Voltage and current can be arbitrary transformed.  - 10v ~ 10v input voltage range; - 20ma ~ 20ma input current range, 10% ~ 100% full range sampling error less than 0.2%.
2. 2-way square frequency measurement channels. 45Hz ~ 55Hz range; frequency resolution of 0.001HZ; measurement error less than 0.001HZ; frequency measuring voltage input range of 0.5V ~ 110V.
3. 2-way passive node switch value measuring channel.
4. 2-way active node switch value measuring channel; switch signal input voltage range of 12V ~ 220V.
5. One way square wave signal frequency output; 45Hz ~ 55Hz output frequency error less than 0.001Hz; output range 1.3 ~ 200Hz, one way 4-20mA output frequency. Output frequency range can be user-defined. Full-scale error is less than 0.1%
6. 8-way analog acquisition channel adopts isolating acquisition method, and it is isolated between channel and channel.
7. One USB port is used for data download or keyboard/mouse input.
8. Touch screen to achieve human-computer interaction.
9. Instrument comes with 4G data storage space.
10. 12.1 inch large color screen.