Hydro Turbine Primary Frequency Control Tester TGST-202 Model

Product introduction:
TGST-202 turbine control system simulation tester is a comprehensive test platform for the hydropower control system and the hydroelectric automatic synchronization system, It can complete test projects such as no-load swing, no-load disturbance, load shedding, fixed time of the system,  and  the governor static characteristic, relay switch laws, simulation on/off support, frequency dead-band measuring, load response test and tracking grid one time FM. It automatically generates various types of test report. TGST-202 also can be used as general wave record apparatus and frequency generator, and the system can achieve 4 KHZ sampling frequency ,which greatly expands the scope of use of the instrument, and enhances the flexibility of the instrument .
TGST-202 integrates five different types of turbine unit models. The instrument can perform simulation capabilities of these models, and be constituted a closed loop system with governor. So it is convenient for governor without connecting real unit to complete the dynamic detection .

Technical parameters:
TGST - 202 hardware system features and technical parameters are as follows:
1. 8 low voltage/current analog acquisition; voltage and current can be arbitrary transformed; - 10 v ~ 10 v input voltage range; - 20 ma ~ 20 ma current input range; 10% ~ 100% of full scale sampling error less than 0.2%
2. 2 road frequency measurement channels; 45 Hz ~ 55 Hz range; frequency resolution of 0.001 HZ; measurement error less than 0.001 HZ; frequency measurement input voltage range 0.5V ~ 110V
3. 2-way passive node switch measuring channel
4. 2-way active measurement channel switch node; switch signal input voltage range of 12V ~ 220V
5. 8-way analog acquisition channels with isolated acquisition mode, and also isolation between channels and channel
6. 2-way active measurement channel switch node; switch signal input voltage range of 12V ~ 220V
7. 1-way 4-20mA analog output channels; output error 0.2%
8. 1-way output channel frequency; frequency resolution 0.001HZ; within the range of 45Hz-55Hz output error is 0.001HZ; output voltage amplitude AC12V
9. Touch screen human-computer interaction
10. Instrument comes with 8G data storage space
11. 12.1 inch large color screen display