Insulating Gloves And Boots Test Equipment INS-HI

INS-HI insulating gloves and boots is application to test leakage current,insulation aging,power frequency of insulating gloves and boots.It can test 3 pairs for each time and to read leakage current of each pair in order to find which one is unqualified.There are trundles in the bottom which make more convenience for moving.

Technical parameters
1. Input voltage:AC220V   50Hz
2. Output voltage:0-30kV
3. Capacity:3kVA
4. Test units:6 units each time
5. Test data:Display and print voltage data and leakage current data of each unit
6. Overcurrent protection;Overvoltage protection;User-defined time setting,display voltage data and leakage current data
7. LCD display with print
8. Accuracy:Voltage ±2%(±3 digits) Current±2%(±3 digits)
9. Weight:control unit 12kg  test bench 60kg