Dry-Type Testing Transformer DTT

This tester uses advanced production equipment, and new technology of coil winding epoxy vacuum pouring and CD-type iron core, which obviously reduce weight and volume, improve insulating strength and humidity resistance level, effectively weaken leakage magnet resulting in greatly enhance the ability to withstanding impact of testing short circuit current of transformer.

This product have features of light weight, small volume, beautiful appearance,stable performance, convenient usage and carrying,especially suitable for site operation,are new generation high voltage testing transformer used for AC and DC in China. This series products are applicable to power system and all power users to detect on site the insulating performance test of all electrical equipment, high voltage power sources of all appliance's voltage system or equipment with DC high voltage small current.
Technical parameters: 
1. Impedance voltage: 4.5%-8%
2. Surface temperature rise: sine wave
3. Idle load loss consumption: 0.2%-0.35%
4. Allowable continuous operation time: 2 hours
5. Interrupted operation time: continuous