Petroleum Products Freezing Point Tester TP-2430

this instrument is designed and manufactured under the requirement of standard GB/T 2430 in “determination of jet fuel freezing point” and petrochemical standard SH/T 0090 in”determination of engine coolant freezing point”,which promulgated by The People Republic of China, suitable for corresponding freezing point test in accordance with the two standard methods.

1.The instrument’s work cold made of stainless steel, double vacuum glass observation window, adopt advanced temperature control technology, the lowest temperature up to -70℃, the temperature control accuracy is ±0.5℃, fully meet the GB/T 2430,SH/T 0090 standard requirements in freezing point test. It can stir continuously and evenly.
2.It can be used for jet fuel, engine coolant and the index test of its concentrate solution’s freezing point depending on the configuration you choose. It is a multi-purpose freezing point tester. Precise temperature control, digital display, PID parameter setting, zero-impulse control.
3.The instrument is desktop structure, the workbench composed of stainless steel, simple design, beautiful appearance, easy to use, complete accessories.

Technical parameters
1.Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz;
2.Working cold trough: stainless steel cold trough, double vacuum glass observation window;
3.Cold trough temperature: +20℃~-70℃;
4.Temperature accuracy: ±0.5℃;
5.Bath agitation: motor automatic mixing, power 6W, 1200r;
6.Cooling system: new refrigeration compressors;
7.Sample stirring: EMS, (0-120)beats/min;
8.Ambient temperature: ≤30℃;
9.Relative humidity: ≤85%;
    Total power consumption: less than 2000W